Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence allegations are a serious matter that the New Jersey state never takes lightly. If convicted of domestic violence, you may lose your job, your status in the community, and your family. Everything you hold dear may slip off your fingers when you go behind bars as a result of domestic violence.

If your partner wrongfully accuses you of domestic violence and you get arrested, the battle ahead is tough.

But you don’t have to fight it alone…

The New Jersey domestic violence attorney at Browning Law can help. Our skilled and experienced domestic violence lawyer will help you fight baseless charges, clear yourself, and move on with life.

Domestic Violence

What Should I Do If Arrested on Allegations of Domestic Violence?

If the police knock on your door to arrest you on accusations of spouse abuse or domestic violence, contact our New Jersey domestic violence attorney. Remember, you can choose to remain silent and not answer any questions until your domestic violence lawyer arrives.

Your lawyer will defend your rights by ensuring that you are only asked fair, legal questions. Then, he’ll build defense strategies that will tell the truth even before you go to court.

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Domestic violence

Who Can Accuse Me of Domestic Violence?

While most people consider domestic violence as only between spouses, the term applies to causing physical harm to the following:


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If Wrongly Accused of Domestic Violence, Our Domestic Violence Attorneys in New Jersey can Help

Browning Law domestic violence attorney can help. We’ll work tirelessly to collect evidence and defend you until your charges are dropped… or reduced. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.

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