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Have you recently taken your furry friend to a pet groomer whose only qualification is some hose and clippers?

Or maybe your pet passed on and to test for rabies, the veterinary hospital removes your pet’s head without your permission. Sad, right? But this is real!

For over 8 years, the animal law attorney at Browning Law has handled complex, gut-wrenching legal issues about animal abuse and negligence. We use our legal skills, passion, and experience to save animals and assist animal lovers to get justice in animal-related legal issues.

We confront veterinary hospitals and pet groomers who through deceptive practices, culture and poor training treat animals like inanimate. Also, our animal law attorneys specialize in making animal abusers account for their actions.

Animal  Law

Animal Law

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Animal Rights

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Animal Care


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If you need a New Jersey animal rights attorney with a deep passion for animals and human lovers, contact Browning Law. Through our proven ability and love for animals, we guarantee to win arguments whether in or out of courtrooms.

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And anything else that affects the right of animals or their guardians.

“Getting a solution to legal issues in New Jersey doesn’t have to stress you or cost you a lot. “

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Getting a solution to legal issues in New Jersey doesn’t have to stress you or cost you a lot. Browning Law offers affordable legal representation for individuals, families, and businesses.

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