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Are you tired of dealing with skyrocketing energy costs and inefficiencies at your commercial or industrial facility? Look no further than Active Business Services!


Active Business Company

is here to help you take control of your energy usage, save money, and become more sustainable. With our cutting-edge solutions and industry-leading expertise, we’ll work with you to create a customized plan that fits your unique needs.


Energy Assessment

At Active Business Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive energy assessments for commercial and industrial clients.

Electricity Products and Services

Active Business Services provides diverse electricity products and services for industrial and commercial clients.

Natural Gas Products and Services

Our goal is to help commercial and industrial clients make informed decisions about their natural gas usage and supply

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What Can Active Business Services Do For Your Business?

At Active Business Services, our focus is one- meeting the energy needs of our commercial and industrial clients in Canada:

If your current energy management company is not doing this and more, talk to Active Business Services.

Our energy management experts will take time to understand your energy needs and then, design custom strategies to meet those needs. Indeed, we are your go-to energy management firm for your natural gas, electricity supply, and risk management solutions.

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If you’re having problems with your energy needs or you simply need a professional opinion, schedule a complementary energy assessment today. The energy management experts at Active Business Services are available to help now.

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