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Our marketing and branding solutions start with thorough brand research. Even better, our marketing and branding work is tailored to grow your brand.

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We Transform Digital into Beautiful

This is our world, digital marketing and branding are our life every day, all year round at VisuWorx. The stories we tell, the brands we build, and the interactions we create are not only beautiful but also function correctly. Made to perfection!

Our marketing and branding solutions start with thorough brand research. Even better, our marketing and branding work is tailored to grow your brand. To achieve this, we keep exploring and innovating so we can create an identity, build a brand, drive conversations, and bring the results you want.

What We Do


We Address Your Marketing and Branding Challenges

  • Poor ROI
  • Lack of brand awareness
  • Inconsistent branding
  • Poor brand positioning
  • Outdated marketing strategies
  • Competition
  • Limited budget

And so much more. Our branding and marketing experts will help you address every challenge and create strategies to overcome them.

What Our Community Says About Us

Lauren Hundert
Lauren Hundert
Logan and the Visuworx team get it! They take the time to get to know you and your business, going above and beyond to provide support and offer insightful guidance to help you stand out.
Chris Rouse
Chris Rouse
Logan did a terrific job on a rebrand for Load of Rubbish, I would highly recommend Logan for your graphic design needs.
Irindeep Ruby K. Badial
Irindeep Ruby K. Badial
Logan and the VisuWorx team are amazing. Logan’s care and attention to detail are second to none. Having a brand that stands out is paramount in today’s online world. When it comes to creating branding and logos that stand out from the crowd and tell a message, VisuWorx can help with that and help take your business presence to the next level. Thank you Logan for being so fantastic at what you do!
Lesley Lo
Lesley Lo
I had a great time working with Logan. She was professional, creative, quick, and efficient. She took the idea from my head and made it into a graphic reality. I am very grateful. Highly recommended. Thanks, Logan, for everything!
Lisa Chisholm-Neal
Lisa Chisholm-Neal
Logan is very responsive and executed the creative design quickly and on budget - I highly recommend!
John Hansen
John Hansen
Logan was very responsive to my request and the solution for a TV ad that she came up for me fit like a shoe and was exactly what I needed. No muss and no fuss. I highly recommend anyone to use VisuWorx services.
Andrew R. Brown
Andrew R. Brown
Logan is a true artist. The work that LS Graphic Art & Design produces is an absolute asset to any business. Any new business owner, start up or seasoned entrepreneur would be well served to work with LS to develop their vision into visuals.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Creative and Innovative Designs

The way you tell your story can make all the difference! This is why we create measurable strategies to make you the solution to your customers’ unique needs.

Quality and Unique Brandings and Websites

Our branding and web design experts create eye-catching designs that prove your credibility and set you apart. As we all know… business success is about getting noticed and making sales. That is what VisuWorx will do for you!

100% Performance Guarantee

5X more returns on your digital marketing

300% more profits annually

100% more visibility

Our Core Values
Creative Expression
Human Rights
Universal/ Planetary Love
Helping those in need

Fun Facts About VisuWorx

We are all about having fun working together and working with you, our clients. Lots of smiles, laughter, and happy good times.

VisuWorx is a fun place to work, and a positive uplifting business, and THIS sets us apart!

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